SPACE WIZARD - 100 Pack Resealable Zip Bags

  • SPACE WIZARD - 100 Pack Resealable Zip Bags

Why Choose PACKNSTASH Bags?
Our resealable bags are unique with fun eye-catching designs at a fair price. With high quality manufacturing materials and standards we ensure a durable long lasting ziplock bag for all your needs. Our bags offer an extremely low Oxygen Transmission Rate due to a thick interior foil laminate layer, providing protection from the elments: air, moisture, light, and odor. Our food grade plastic is extremely flexible and thin, while also being very strong and durable for multipurpose use.

Premium Soft Matte Material & 360 Printed Design
At PACKNSTASH we create unique fun designs for our ziplock bags. By using our high-quality food grade material and non-toxic print technology, it provides a soft matte feel upon touch for that premium product feeling. They also come with rounded corners for more comfortable handling.

Heat Sealable & Smell Proof
Our bags can be sealed with a heat sealer on top of the ziplock to provide long term freshness and safety for food or products. Our durability standards insure all sides have a strong seal and will not break or tear. Our bags are smell proof so odor will not escape and air will stay out to ensure freshness.

Stand Up Pouch
Stand up pouches are great for displaying products on shelves and dispensaries, attracting attention to your brand. They are super easy to pack and perfect for small businesses. Our bags are suitable for packing food, products, coffee, beans, candy, sugar, rice, baking, cookies, tea, nuts, dried fruit, flowers, powder & hardware.

Perfect for Labeling
There are no words on our generic bags which are perfect for labeling or creating small business packaging. Perfect for both commercial or home use. (labels not included).